ICABE: International Conference on Architecture and Build Environment  7th-8th Novemeber
and ICUDBE: 3rd International conference on Universal Design in the built Environment 11th-12th November


ICABE 2013 A

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Asalamu Alaikum


The thing is Medinanet is bieng targeted by various hackers; the last attempt made some severe damage to the site. however medinanet Alhamdolilah has recovered.

The recovering processes involved including more security procedures to medinanet and for that some articles' links and IDs changed. Kindly if the error shows, consider using the search tool to search for the article; any word in the title would do...as that might be the reason.

thank you for understanding 
and we hope you like our new look and feel...

God bless.

Fact: 16th April 2010 was Medinanet Offcial launch date...

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